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Science Fair Resources: Home

World Book for Kids

An encyclopedia is a great resource to check first as you start any research project. 

The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) provides this resource.

Science Fair Projects

This page will provide you with resources to use as you work on your Science Fair project.

Destiny - Library Catalog

Our library catalog, Destiny, provides references to our print books and links to our ebooks.  It will also allow you to search the web by using WebPath Explorer from the left hand menu.  Use this as your search engine instead of more common engines.  The web sites here are pre-searched by the Destiny Follett company and linked to because they will provide authoritative resources for research projects.

Airport Community Schools provides this resource.

Science NetLinks

Science NetLinks provides access to resources for teachers and students in the area of Science.

This is a free web resource provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Subject Guide

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