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Research is a process.  Staying organized, as you work through this process, will be to your benefit.  You have many organizational tools at your disposal; Google Classroom or Google Drive, Gale user accounts, bookmarking and note taking tools, Destiny resource lists and more.  Use them to your advantage.  You have many high quality resources available to you via our school district and state resources.  Explore all of these and use them to become informed about your selected topic.

Information come in many different formats i.e. books, magazines, peer reviewed professional journals, wikis, blogs, posts, speeches, presentation, video, audio, broadcasts, research papers, etc.

Make sure that you check your facts and use credible resources by authors who know the subject matter well.


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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints provides both sides of an issue.  If you are having difficulty selecting a topic for a project there is a list of hot topics available on the home page under "browse issues."

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Research 101: Format Matters

Information Formats

Research is a Process

Scholarship is a Conversation

Credibility is Contextual

Evaluating Information Sources

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