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Biography Resources: Biography Resources

Resources to help researchers locate biographical information.

Biography In Context

Biography Research

When seeking information about a person it is helpful to collect some basic information prior to beginning a search on the Internet. 

Full name - First, middle and last

Correct spelling of the name along with any alternative spelling of the name.

Nickname(s) and/or stage names

Birth and death dates

Place of birth

Most of the above information is available from an encyclopedia and beginning any research project in an actual print encyclopedia is a worthy measure.  It will save you time and effort in the long run.

As you begin your research on-line keep in mind that many search engines search for the exact term that you enter into the search box.  Consequently, your search will retrieve only what you ask for.  If you enter incorrect information, such as an incorrect spelling of the persons name, your search may result in 0 results. 

Be careful as you enter search terms and read carefully your search results.  In reading the results you will gain more information that will help you to continue your search successfully.

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