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Resources to help researchers locate biographical information.

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Research Tips

  • Before you begin searching for your author make sure that you have the correct spelling of their first, middle and last name.
  • Many authors use pen names.  Try searching for information with their "real" name and their pen name.
  • Some authors use multiple pen names.  Try searching for information with all of their known pen names.
  • Try searching first by the authors last name only, then last name, first name, then first name last name.

Seven-element Assignment for ELA10 Quarter 3 Research



You will be researching and writing a paper on an America Author as well as conducting a speech component at the annual Tenth Grade Wax Museum.


You will use this information to become your author at the annual Tenth Grade Wax Museum. This year’s event will be held in the AHS cafeteria on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.


To research an American Author.


Your peers, staff members of AHS, parents, and Carleton community members.


Your research will need to be formatted in ALL of the following ways.

  • Type 3 research paper containing proper in-text citations

**Your research paper must be accompanied by a Works Cited page.

  • conversational speech (written as well as memorized) with you taking on the persona of the author
  • display board (professional in appearance)



There are specific FCA’s for each of the required forms. Please pay attention to each set of FCA’s and all deadlines.



¨  Select an American author who you find interesting and worthy of sharing with others. You may look through your American literature textbook and the online library book catalog (Destiny) for ideas.

¨  After you have chosen your author you need to write a proposal.  This must include: your author’s name and why you have chosen to research this person?  This should be a minimum of 5 sentences.


¨  In-class review of how to cite sources (accountability).

¨  Review the FCA’s and expectations for all parts of this assignment before starting your research.

¨  Research your author using database sources only.  A MINIMUM of three (3) different databases resources is required for this assignment.





¨  Create a typed Type 3 Works Cited page using the following FCA’s:

·         All works cited are complete and from databases/credible sources 20pts

·         Works cited page is properly formatted 20 pts

·         Proper punctuation used 10 pts

¨  Research notes need to be completed by___________________



¨  Set up a Type 1 paper.

1.       Create a 5-line Type 1 writing in 3 minutes: What are your author’s 5 educational or education background details that would be most appealing to interested readers?

2.       On the backside of this paper, create a 5-line Type 1 writing in 3 minutes: What are your author’s 5 career-related details that make this author different from other authors?

¨  Research Paper FCA’s:

·         5 detailed educational/education background facts about the author, numbered and highlighted (35 pts)

·         5 detailed career-specific facts about the author, numbered and underlined (35 pts)

·         3 works by the author that showcase his/her writing style, each one boxed (30 pts)

It is an expectation that you use details to explain what you are talking about, complete sentences to convey meaning, and in-text citations to avoid plagiarism.  Failure to follow these expectations will result in you having to redo the assignment until it is correctly formatted.

¨  Read your paper out loud using a six-inch voice. Correct any errors that you find; add or delete any information that is needed to make your paper understandable.

¨  Pair up with another student to do a peer-edit. You will read your paper out loud to your partner in order to get feedback, both good and constructive. Do the same for your partner. Make necessary revisions on the paper.

¨  You will use this to create your conversational speech.



¨  Using your completed Type 3 paper, you will write out a speech that includes the following information.

1.       Told from the author’s point of view, first-person (because YOU will BECOME the author)

2.       Author’s full name

3.       Date of birth AND death (if deceased)

4.       Why did you (this author) become a writer?

5.       Educational background

6.       Style of writing (favorite form)

7.       Most popular works



Your FCA’s for this speech are:

·         Include all seven areas, 40%

·         Take on the author’s persona by dressing the part, acting the part, and using relevant props, 40%

·         Memorize the above seven areas, 20%

¨  Using your speech and Type 3 paper, create a poster board/large signage for your physical “I am that author” performance.

·         All written parts of the display must be TYPED out using Times New Roman font, sizes 14-20).

·         You must include a 5x7-inch photo of your author.  (Black and white is acceptable.) You may include other relevant photos to complement what you have written down, as well

·         You must include your author’s full name across the top of the board/sign in 1-1/2 to 2 inch lettering.

·         Adding some color to your board is necessary to make it easy to read.  Suggestions on how to do this without spending a lot of money.

--place a piece of colored paper or construction paper behind each typed part, making sure that the colored paper is ½-1 inch larger than the information portion.

--glue scrapbooking-types of embellishments (IF you have them laying around already) to the board

--glue glitter or confetti pieces to the background for color



¨  Turn in a copy of your speech to grading/feedback.

¨  Get answers to any and all questions you have about the display board for your presentation.

¨  All display board work is considered HOMEWORK. 



March 04, 2015

You are expected to be READY TO PRESENT (not just arriving) at least five minutes prior to the start of the Wax Museum presentations. You are also expected to stay for the ENTIRE time so everyone has a chance to see your hard work.


Start time:   6:00 p.m.       .


End time:    8:00 p.m.        (Make sure your ride is here BY    8:10 p.m.  )


**If you have a conflict with this presentation date and time, please meet with your ELA10 teacher to discuss how to remedy the situation.  Make-up presentations will not receive full credit as you will not have presented numerous times to people outside of your ELA10 class.

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